The War on Cops: Why the Resurgence?


According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, as of December of this year, 64 law enforcement officers have been shot and killed. This is the highest number of law enforcement officers killed by a firearm in almost five years.

This staggering statistic signifies a 72% increase in police officers killed exclusively by a firearm since 2015.

So why is our nation’s rash of police officer homicides by firearm happening now?

Simple. The answer is, without a doubt, the never-ending onslaught of negative anti-cop sentiment that has rained down upon America’s law enforcement from the Obama administration over the last eight years.

The relentlessly fueled, anti-cop rhetoric, nurtured and cultivated by the Obama administration, could have no other outcome but to morph into a nationwide “cops are the enemy” mindset which, when interpreted through the twisted minds of street thugs, translated into a “resist the police” attitude, even if that resistance included deadly physical force.

For the last eight years, the President and his cronies, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, had nothing but negative words for America’s police. They incited Americans, especially African Americans, to fight back, question authority and, by their own repugnant statements and actions, taught black America and minorities of all nationalities that it was their duty to question and resist any confrontation they had during a police encounter, if they deemed it to be unlawful.

The Obama administration has without fail, routinely tried and convicted every cop involved in a shooting and, along with the administration’s comrades, the liberal media.  They have twisted and swayed public opinion against law enforcement almost exclusively before any real evidence was ever heard, and consistently sided with the criminals on all occasions, but always falling silent when they were repeatedly proven wrong.

It’s my opinion that the catalyst that initiated the rise of lawlessness in America, and what is responsible for the recent increase in shootings of law enforcement officers, stemmed from The “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” incident that occurred back in August of 2014, in a quiet town called Ferguson, Missouri.

The Obama administration’s words or lack there of, during the Ferguson days, insinuated to the country that the police were to blame for the killing of a poor, innocent, unarmed kid, later found to be a piece of trash punk who just committed a robbery and was trying to kill the police officer with his own gun.

To add insult to injury, Obama had the audacity to send three White House representatives to Michael Brown’s funeral in Ferguson, yet he has never sent one to a police officer’s funeral or attended one himself. Ever.

The Obama administration’s actions and words during the Ferguson debacle acted as reinforcement to the police haters in this country that it was not only their right to disrespect and question police authority, it was their duty to.

There is a criminal justice theory that developed out of the events that occurred during and after Ferguson that attempts to explain the recent and ever increasing racial tensions, violence against the police, and sky rocketing crime rates across America. The theory is aptly named, the “Ferguson Effect”, and it’s explained in detail by author Heather Mac Donald in her book, “The War on Cops.”

Although a few so called liberal “scholars” refute the “Ferguson Effect” theory, for a multitude of liberal biased reasons, which I will not waste my time or yours regurgitating, I not only agree with the reality of the Ferguson effect, but I have personally expanded on it to include a theory that the recent rise in police officer shootings and executions are, in fact, an ancillary effect of Ferguson.

The Ferguson effect is the concept that increased scrutiny of police following the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri has led to an increased murder rate in major U.S cities that can be directly attributed to an increase of police inactivity out of fear of retribution.

The Ferguson effect states that pre-Ferguson, Missouri, police around the nation were reducing crime through all sorts of innovative and proactive policing, although many liberals perceived these tactics as politically incorrect. After Ferguson occurred, and the daily onslaught of law enforcement bashing by the liberal media and the Obama administration continued, many police officers across the nation began to see the proverbial “writing on the wall.”

The following could an example of some of the thoughts that police officers may have contemplated while patrolling the streets on a daily basis since Ferguson:

“I have a family, a good job, and a pension that will be at risk if I get involved in a questionable situation, so why get involved?”

 “I know I will be hung out to dry by the media. Even our own government won’t back me, so why get involved?”

 Did law enforcement officers throw their hands up, pardon the pun, and stop working all together?

 Of course not. Law enforcement officers are who they are because they have a certain personality that includes a desire to do the right thing no matter what the cost.

When the “s#@$ hits the fan” and the people are running away from the fan, the police, along with many other emergency personnel, are trained to run toward it. The World Trade Center attack, or any one of America’s recent terrorist attacks for that matter, is a prime example of how the police will consistently react.

However, police officers do have families to support, bills to pay, and actually enjoy their personal freedom.

The theory postulates that maybe, just maybe, while at work, instead of investigating the suspicious looking crowd or instead of being proactive and looking for criminality afoot in sketchy, crime ridden, neighborhoods, maybe you turn it down a notch and do what you have to do but don’t push the envelope as much as you would have before the present day anti-cop sentiments came about.

In essence, many police departments became reactive police forces, especially the urban ones. Hence, the “Ferguson Effect.”

Yes, police officer’s still performed their jobs as required, but maybe not with the zeal they had pre-Ferguson, and even pre-Obama.

Some of America’s most dangerous cities became more dangerous because they weren’t getting the police presence and interactions they once had.

“A study published this year in the Journal of Criminal Justice found that homicides in the 12 months after the Michael Brown shooting rose significantly in cities with large black populations and already high rates of violence, which is precisely what the Ferguson effect would predict.”

I also firmly believe that there is a largely overlooked result or ancillary effect to the Ferguson effect. One that started post Ferguson. It’s this effect that’s the killer. The cop killer.

Not only did the Ferguson effect slow down the level of police enforcement across the country, but I feel very strongly that the constant and incessant anti-cop propaganda being spewed by Obama and friends, along with the lack of appropriate actions taken by said administration to quell the anti-cop sentiments during and after Ferguson, Missouri, combined with extremely biased liberal media coverage of all police related incidents worthy of a story, has absolutely everything to do with the astronomical increase in police shootings in America this year.

All respect and regard for law enforcement officer’s lives has been systematically stripped away through the administration’s aforementioned actions. The ancillary result of this onslaught of police hatred propaganda is that certain elements began to think that executing police officers, as well as engaging them in gunfire more times than the police have ever before encountered in recent years, was absolutely O.K. to do.

This War on Cops we presently battle hasn’t been witnessed in America since the same anti-police “pig hating” climate we had during the days of the Black Panthers, back in the late 1960’s and 1970’s.

Thankfully, there is a light at the end of the proverbial dark tunnel that law enforcement officers are presently living in.

That light has a name. Donald J Trump.

I am 100 percent convinced, as a former law enforcement officer myself, that law enforcement professionals from around the country will embrace the Trump presidency with open arms and do a quick “180” back to proactive policing and reignite the community policing programs that have worked so well in urban cities like New York City.

Before you can say “Goodbye Obama,” the national crime rate will begin to drop rapidly and significantly.

The rejuvenation of community policing and proactive involvement in the communities will not only reduce crime and make America’s cities safe again, but it will jump start better civilian-police relationships, as well as race relations, and both are much needed if we want to begin the healing process of our racially divided nation.

Unfortunately, for the hundreds of officers shot and killed during these dark times for law enforcement, it is a little too late for them or their mourning families.

Below are just a handful of the many police officers murdered in 2016:


                      Law Enforcement Line of Duty Deaths 2016



Heather Mac Donald, The Ferguson Effect

The Nationwide Crime Wave is Building

Law Enforcement Line of Duty Deaths 2016


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