WARNING: Large-scale cyberattack to dwarf recent attack (details)

Experts who thought last week’s WannaCry ransomware attack was globally devastating are now warning everyone about an even greater threat currently taking hold of computers worldwide as “Adylkuzz” goes for the cyber jugular using leaked NSA hacking tools that leverage a patched vulnerability in Microsoft Windows networking.

Even as the WannaCry campaign locked up computers and demanded users pay a bitcoin ransom, the Adylkuzz campaign was already underway for several days before anyone noticed it was happening.

The PCs and servers of organizations running legacy versions of Windows or those who have not yet installed the SMB patch that Microsoft released last month are vulnerable to Adylkuzz and could face costly disruptions. In fact, cyberattacks that involve ransomware, cryptocurrency miners, or any other type of malware are on the rise, so organizations and individuals are being advised to patch their computers as soon as possible.

Using both the EternalBlue and DoublePulsar exploits, which were developed and used by the NSA before being stolen and released by the ShadowBrokers hackers back in April, cyber criminals have succeeded in infecting hundreds of thousands of PCs and servers throughout the world by shutting down SMB networking. Interestingly enough, Adylkuzz prevents infections from other malware, including the WannaCry worm, which experts believe may have slowed down the spread of that infection.

Unlike WannaCry, which used ransomware to lock users out of their machines until they paid up, Adylkuzz is a cryptocurrency miner. It noticeably slows PC and server performance while it steals cryptocurrency.


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