Warning:  Obamacare Rates RISING in 2017

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The President and CEO of America’s Health Insurance Plans, Marilyn Tavenner, says there will be a “stark rise” in Obamacare health insurance rates for 2017.  

“I’ve been asked, what are the premiums going to look like? I don’t know, because it also varies by state, market, even within markets. But I think the overall trend is going to be higher than we saw previous years. That’s my big prediction,” she said in a recent interview with Morning Consult.

According to another report, last year’s premium for a popular plan surged an average 11 percent.   Tavenner didn’t say HOW MUCH higher the 2017 rate would surge than previous years.

Just this week, United Health Group announced it intends to withdraw from most Obamacare markets across the country.

According to Morning Consult, Tavenner said there are several factors responsible for the higher rates in 2017.

First is higher medical costs, and next is higher drug costs.

Lastly, she said there are the “market shifts” that come from Obamacare itself.    Additional regulations, capped profits for insurers, additional mandated benefits they must provide, including being forced to cover pre-existing conditions.   It has all added up to higher premiums.

Tavenner said the intent was that higher costs would be offset by an influx of new, healthy customers, but that hasn’t happened as expected.



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