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Democrats have long remained bitter over the fact that Judge Merrick Garland didn’t get a hearing when former president Barack Obama nominated him to the Supreme Court in 2016.

Now, Joe Biden has nominated Garland to serve as Attorney General, and he is finally getting his confirmation hearing, appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday.

In his opening remarks, Sen. Chuck Grassley explained why he had joined other Republican senators in choosing to not hold a hearing when Garland was nominated for the Supreme Court.

“Yes, it’s true that I didn’t give Judge Garland a hearing,” Grassley said.

Then he ripped into Democrats, obviously referring to the way Justice Brett Kavanaugh was treated during his confirmation hearing.

“I didn’t give Judge Garland a hearing. I also didn’t mischaracterize his record. I didn’t attack his character. I didn’t go through his high school yearbook. I didn’t make his wife leave the hearing in tears. I took a position on hearings and I stuck to it. And that’s it,” Grassley declared.


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  1. This is just the kind of thing we’ve been waiting for. This is just like Sen. Graham’s statement during those hearings. Don’t stop now Republicans we are crying out for this. Thx Sen. Grassley.

  2. Glad someone had the guts to speak out about the horrifying behaviors of the Democrats over Trump cabinet member nominees. Not just with Kavanaugh, who was treated worst of all, but with others that they tried to smear and attack or refuse to talk or even stay to listen to their answers to other questions. Look how they treated AG Barr during a hearing. Dems wouldn’t even let him answer questions or comment on their accusations of/about him or his actions/non-actions.

  3. Now Grassley says he will vote for Garland. Why? Garland would not answer their questions. He was evasive on everything. He sure did not impress me.


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