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CNN reporter Jim Acosta, who repeatedly clashed with former President Donald Trump during his entire presidential term, showed up at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando on Friday, and didn’t exactly get a warm reception.

Trump is scheduled to speak at the conference on Sunday afternoon.

Videos posted by Bloomberg reporter William Turton show a crowd of CPAC attendees surrounding Acosta when he arrived and chanting, “CNN sucks!”

A reporter from The Federalist confronted Acosta, asking, “When are you guys going to start covering [Gov.] Cuomo? He killed 10,000 people, and he’s accused of sexual assault, and you guys want to talk about Ted Cruz.”

Acosta interviewed American Conservative Union (ACU) chairman Matt Schlapp as the crowd stood around, according to the following photo shared by Turton.

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  1. Wished somebody punched him in the nose! Obnoxious person and should NOT be there unless he wants to apologize to President Trump and the American people for his lies.

  2. The only thing that was missing ( is) the fist in his nose.!!Like Janet
    mentions above.There were two other useless news bums that
    were missing to be railed on Juan Williams and Chris Wallace,Now
    that would be fun.!!

  3. this animal Acosta needs or some one do something to stop SPreading a BS news that we divided us more this guy needs 6 feet under his house

  4. They should’ve circled him, kept questioning him, not let him out of the middle. Drive him crazy with questions. He’s like a boil on your ass that won’t go away.

  5. He should have been banned from attending. CNN should be required to send a conservative reporter. He is disgusting and sick. His family will carry his disgusting KARMA forever.

  6. Why do people even bother with Acosta, or any of the leftist. He/they live for the controversy and love all the attention they get. The only way to hurt them is in their wallet or if they are ignored.


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