A car slammed into a Texas home where a family of three was injured. The collision triggered a gas explosion which left the family screaming for help.

According to Fox News, the three family members were among five people injured when 40-year-old Arnulfo Castro lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the Fort Worth home, struck a gas line, and sparked an explosion on Saturday, according to the Hurst Police Department.

From Fox: The impact severed a gas line, which caused the explosion several minutes later that was captured on surveillance video.

“Shook the whole house, and then everyone, all our neighbors, ran outside,” neighbor Gary Sutton told FOX4.

Police said officers heard screaming inside the house, and went through a back door to rescue the three people inside. The mother is listed in critical condition with burns over 40 percent of her body, while her husband and son have less severe injuries, officials told FOX4.

In addition to the family members, police said two officers were injured after arriving at the scene and making contact with the driver before the blast took place. The two officers received minor injuries and were treated, with one transported to a nearby hospital for evaluation.

Castro was unhurt in the crash. He was arrested for traffic offenses, police say. The crash remains under investigation.