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Peaceful protests against racial injustice are critical for the nation’s progress and help to keep law enforcement in check, Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., said Friday.

“Nothing that we have achieved that has been about progress, in particular around civil rights, has come without a fight, and so I always am going to interpret these protests as an essential component of evolution in our country — as an essential component or mark of a real democracy,” the vice presidential nominee said during the NAACP’s national convention.

The article goes on to state the following:

She added that protests were “necessary” as “the people’s voices must be heard, and it is often the people who must speak to get their government to do what it is supposed to do, but may not do naturally unless the people speak loudly — and obviously peacefully.”

“I actually believe that ‘Black Lives Matter’ has been the most significant agent for change within the criminal justice system, because it has been a counter-force to the force within the system that is so grounded in status quo and its own traditions, many which have been harmful and discriminatory,” Harris declared.

She added that she was raised by her parents to participate in protests, who were both active in civil rights protests. “I’ve been in marches since I was in a stroller,” Harris said.

WATCH BELOW:  (Video set to start when Harris is asked about Black Lives Matter.)

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  1. That’s what we need, a President that wants anti Americans to tear our country up‼️You have to be a complete idiot to vote Harris/Biden👿

  2. oh yah !! i wonder when you are in your 20s you slept with 60 years so do mean you left the 60 years old for ESSENTIAL CHANGE of your are a part of democrat using their sink hole ..,dreams too big to makes all your dreams come true … not your intelligent …

  3. I hope people wake up! If they vote Harris/Biden the rioting will get even worse since she seems to be promoting it. She should be arrested for that!

  4. Meetings it’s police, politicians,clergy and smart leaders from your gang to sit down in a peaceful environment and start negotiating peace.The more destroying and deaths that occur is only make it more difficult to come to terms. don’t you have a life other than destruction ,defiance and killing? wake up before it’s to late.

  5. Anti-American traitorous bitch! Kum-A-Lot Harris shouldn’t be in ANY position of power if she promotes violence! What a stain on America. She and her violence-promoting co-horts need to be ARRESTED, not elected!

  6. This nut will say anything or do anything to be elected. That is how she moved up the food chain she screwed her way up. She will be the one running this country along with George Soros

  7. Hi America,, we only have a few days left,, people like her will not be able to live in this country,, let’s not forget them ok,, vote all red for republicans this time,, and I pray for the Law to turn your eye to the ones that hurts you and the American people, after November 3 just look the other way, we the people will take care of this,, it’s already been to much stupidity, but not after November ok,, just look the other way,,

  8. Of course she does
    Biden’s NOT going to last, she will eventually become president by proxy, BLM will become the left’s black shirts. Welcome to the socialist takeover😡

  9. Like all change is good? CommieRats have deplorable legacy of anti America change efforts. They have pathetically changed things for decades towards the absolute worst!
    Pillage and Plunder—Piven and Cloward.

  10. The maniac Harris Ha ha ha ha she is a wore Candidate as a vc president praising the BLM she doesn’t care too many lives gone because of BLM…not only sick on her @ss but sick on her brain and all word comes out on her mouth


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