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“The O.C.” actress Samaire Armstrong posted a passionate video on Wednesday pledging her support for Donald Trump for the 2020 presidential election.

Armstrong, 39, also criticized the “far-left mob” for silencing Americans who hold conservative beliefs.

The article goes on to state the following:

“I’m voting #Trump2020, and this is why,” the actress captioned a lengthy video on Instagram. “This is MY opinion. I am sharing it with you at the cost of everything, because it is my right. It is your right to refute it. What I hope comes from this, is that we are able to have an open dialogue.”

Armstrong clarified that she is an Independent, not a “full red Republican,” and that she looks at both sides to assess what’s going on.  “I intentionally decided to vote Trump again,” she explained.

The actress asked of Democrat voters, “You can’t that Hillary, Kamala and Biden are out of their minds, have been in politics for, some of them almost 50 years, and are the reason for all this systemic racism and injustice? You continue to vote for them to keep them in place. I’m sorry, but you’re part of the problem, because you’ve been duped into believing that the Democrat Party is for the people, and this idea that’s been pushed by the media that Republicans are racist and evil people is insulting and dangerous.”

WATCH her full, passionate video rant below:


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This is MY opinion. I am sharing it with you at the cost of everything, because it is my right. It is your right to refute it. * What I hope comes from this, is that we are able to have an open dialogue. * There are many thoughts and insight you may want to interject and provide. I encourage you to have factual data to support what your point is. * There are so many in our great country who have been bullied into silence at the doing of a far left mob. * Let’s shift back to reality and facts. Let’s stop placating to the emotionally undeveloped, who have an inability to process the meaning of personal responsibility, as if they are the cultural guide of which we should follow. * I encourage us all to stay grounded in these discussions. I am well aware how emotional and important what we are discussing is. * You can see in my video how passionate I am. I ask you to consider, why I would be coming out saying these things. How is it that I feel so confident about putting my “divisive” perspective in public. I am willing to gamble with what comes of my opinion, because I have conviction of its validity. * If nothing else, I hope this encourages you to speak YOUR opinion, no matter how unpopular it may be. * Freedom of speech must be restored. Logic must be restored. Critical thinking must be restored. * I have deep love for everyone of my fellow humans. Every race, color, creed, gender, political back ground, religious back ground, financial background, must have their OWN voice and opinion, and it MUST be allowed be to spoken.

A post shared by Samaire Armstrong {Saaaamerla} (@samaire.xoxo) on

In another video posted to her Instagram page on Thursday, she spoke with people wanting to oust California Governor Gavin Newsom from office. WATCH BELOW:

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