In the wake of the mass shooting at the Florida school where 17 people were murdered in cold blood, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has raised some serious questions about the root cause of why so many school shootings have been occurring recently.

While Democrats call for gun control, Bevin is calling for more control over the violence promoted in video games, movies and music, and has posted two powerful, short videos since the shooting that are going viral.

Thursday evening, one day after the Florida shooting, Governor Bevin posted a video message on his Facebook page, saying, “Our culture is crumbling from within, and the cost of it is high.”

“Something has to be done, let’s start a dialogue,” he said. “I’m calling on other governors, the President of the United States, on our U.S. Congress. I’m calling on anyone who is in a position of influence, every superintendent, every CEO of every media company that produces a video game that is violent in its nature, the movie producers who make the movies, the record producers who produce the music that we listen to – all of you – we’ve got to step up!”

“Let’s start a conversation and try to figure out how to repair this fabric of America that is being shredded beyond recognition,” he begged.

Friday, Governor Bevin was interviewed at an event he attended, and elaborated further on his concerns.

He insisted it’s NOT the guns, and told about when he was a student in high school, if a kid got a new gun for Christmas, he often brought it to school, just like any other “show and tell” item. But there were never any school shootings.

“Sometimes they’d be in kids’ lockers,” Bevin said. “Nobody even thought about shooting other people with them. So it’s not a gun problem.”

He said this wave of violence is a cultural problem – not a gun problem.

“We have a culture that is desensitized to death, that is desensitized to the value of live, and we celebrate death through our musical lyrics, we celebrate death through video games that literally reward you with extra points for going back and finishing people off,” he said.

“I’m a big believer in the First Amendment and right to free speech, but there are certain things that are so graphic as it relates to violence, and things that are so pornographic on a whole another front that we allow to pass under the guise of free speech, which arguably are,” Bevin said. “But there is zero redemptive value. There is zero upside to any of this being in the public domain, let alone in the minds and hands and homes of our young people.”

“Go back before any of this existed,” Bevin said. “How many children walked into other schools and slaughtered other children? What more evidence do you need? The people who say there is no evidence are full of crap.”

Below is his powerful 5-minute interview that now has over 6 million views. Or CLICK HERE to watch directly on his Facebook page.


Below is the first video Governor Bevin posted on Thursday, in which he called out producers of violent entertainment. Or CLICK HERE to watch directly on his Facebook page.