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Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe has released additional videos Tuesday night, after secretly listening in and recording daily conference calls with CNN president Jeff Zucker and other senior staff.

Earlier on Tuesday, O’Keefe launched the initial bombshell announcement, as he revealed himself on a CNN conference call Tuesday morning and informed Zucker that he had been secretly recording them for the past two months.

Tuesday evening, O’Keefe released TAPE #1, which features Zucker and CNN leaders discussing President Trump’s refusal to concede to Joe Biden.

Now, in a newly-released recording, Zucker is heard telling staff on the call that President Trump “is acting erratically…I think we need to lean into that… If we’ve made any mistake, its been our banners have been too polite…”


In the next recording, a person on the call slams Fox News host Tucker Carlson as a racist, and suggests his show should be called the “White Supremacy Hour.”

O’Keefe first identified the person as CNN Vice President of Global Programming Marcus Mabry, but then posted a correction, after CNN informed him that the person is actually CNN’s GENERAL COUNSEL David Vigilante, and NOT Mabry.

“As if that somehow makes it better for them… We apologize for the misidentification. More tapes dropping soon,” O’Keefe tweeted.


“More tapes dropping tomorrow,” O’Keefe promised.

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  1. So this just shows me that nothing is private in America 🇺🇸 we are surrounded by vipers and snakes
    I heard once long ago that everything we say is captured and stored in SAAP a super computer stored in the basement of the Vatican ! (Artificial Intelligence) Just remember if they could read your newspaper from up in outer space in 70s just think of the advancements after 50 years


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