Website that Exposed Soros is Now “GONE”

DCLeaks, a site similar to WikiLeaks, had previously released 2,500 internal Open Society Foundation (OSF) documents to expose George Soros.  Some of the documents were disturbing, like the one which revealed he was advising Hillary Clinton when she was Sec. of State.

The politician exposing website was immediately shutdown across the internet after directly targeting Soros and his company. The DCLeaks Twitter account has been suspended and part of its website has been taken offline after the leaking of the “light shedding” documents.

By Saturday afternoon, the DCLeaks page with the Soros documents could no longer be found online. The rest of the DCLeaks  website, however, was running smoothly — exempting the now missing Soros pages. The Twitter handle @DCLeaks can no longer be found, without any reason as to why.

An OSF spokesperson had called the leaks “a symptom of an aggressive assault on civil society and human rights activists that is taking place globally” after the documents were confirmed to be legitimate.


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