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Wednesday: Make America First Again

From the GOP CONVENTION website:
America has always been an exceptional nation. Our Founding Fathers created a system of government that has protected our liberty, allowed American ingenuity to flourish, and lifted people out of poverty by creating the conditions for opportunity and prosperity. Unfortunately, years of bad policies and poor leadership have weakened our position in the world. Under a Trump administration, America will once again be a beacon of progress and opportunity.

Primetime Program, 7 P.M.

  • Laura Ingraham, Radio Host
  • Phil Ruffin, Businessman
  • Pam Bondi, Attorney General of Florida
  • Eileen Collins, Astronaut (retired)
  • Michelle Van Etten, Small Business Owner
  • Kentucky State Senator Ralph Alvarado, Jr.
  • Darrell Scott, Pastor
  • Harold Hamm, Continental Resources
  • Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
  • Lynne Patton, The Eric Trump Foundation
  • U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida)
  • U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas)
  • Eric Trump, Executive Vice President of The Trump Organization
  • Newt & Callista Gingrich, Former Speaker of the House and his wife
  • Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Presumptive candidate for Vice President


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