According to authorities, Fozia S. Dualeh, 39, falsely claimed that the father of her eight children was not financially supporting or living with the family.

However, court documents revealed that a search of her home in October 2015 uncovered her husband, Abdikhadar Y. Ismail, lying in bed “under the blankets in the master bedroom. Men’s clothing was in a dresser, and mail and other documents with his name on them were found throughout the residence.”

In March 2013, Dualeh had fraudulently told Anoka County Human Services that “Ismail had moved out and was not providing support.”

“Dualeh illegally tapped three public benefits from January 2014 to August 2015: $85,582 in child care aid, $24,176 in food support, and $8,996 in medical assistance overpayments,” according to the complaint.

Ismail told reporters, “We are very innocent.”

The Star Tribune did not provide any information on the immigration or citizenship status of the family.

H/T: Star Tribune