I received the email below from a DML News reader.  He makes some great points about how everyday Americans are forgot about.  He just so happens to share my first name.  What he writes is so, so very true. Take a look.

Seeing all the coverage of the funerals of John McCain and Aretha Franklin makes me wonder about our priorities. While these two deserve the honors they are getting, it makes you want to step back and think about the high level of respect too many people show for politicians, musicians, actors and sports stars etc and the lack of respect we show for the common man.

Policemen, firemen, teachers, doctors, members of our military, our veterans, farmers, volunteers, caregivers and the everyday hard working common man pass away with little or no national press coverage. Just a nice obituary in their local paper. Are any of these people less value to us and our country? I argue they are just as much valued and in reality, they are needed far more than those celebrated on TV.
So, go ahead and make a big deal over the well-known people we see on TV that have passed away. As I said, many of them deserve the extra attention. But please remember the backbone, what makes America great is the everyday common man busting his/her ass regardless of the fact that they shine out of the limelight and are ok with that.

I am extremely grateful for all those who toil away unselfishly making our lives and our country safer and better. Please give a quiet thanks to all those you see in the obituary in your local paper. In some small or even large way, they made a difference. Never forget the common man!

Appleton, WI


  1. Amen! I agree with you 100%! Those two funerals were just too political. They should have left politics out of them. Such a shame.

  2. Well said, Dennis from Wisconsin, and thank you DML for sharing this email. May God bless this great country, and may we all remember to be civil, humble and kind to one another. There’s a time and a place for everything, learn the proper decorum.

  3. I loved this Dennis from Wis. I have these same thoughts often. I believe the common everyday men and women of this country would do just fine without entertainers, sports figures, etc. Nice to enjoy but not life or death necessity.

  4. So true, Dennis from Wis., our priorities about life and mankind have been topsy turvy for awhile. Material things, news 24/7, along with reality shows, technology, the last administration and political correctness have all contributed to the downfall of respect and what’s important. As you say, the real heroes are those who serve and protect us in our daily lives. Well said, Dennis!

  5. Yup DMLyou are right. T unsung heroes are the ones that should have the attention. The sheeple have lost their way and don’t think theŷll find a way back. What have entertainers and politicians real done for America. They have taken our money to line their pockets and give us what? A song or a speech but what else – not a damn thing. I’d rather my taxpayer dollars helped those who matter with help they need in whatever area its needed. Like help a family buy food – a car – clothes- funerals – education – things that matter.

  6. I agree with you 100%. The super athletes complain they are only getting 92 million a year! Try teaching school for 62,000 a year! Thank you teachers for your dedication!

    • Oklahoma teachers get $24-26,000 a year! Try living on that and raise a family. Most military enlisted personnel qualify for food stamps due to shameful low wages.!!!😣

  7. I’ve been saying this for years to anyone who will listen. Simple respect has been forgotten & people have no clue what it really means. Gang bangers will their “don’t dis me” or I’ll kill u have no idea. Kids have no idea. When I was a kid,I respected teenagers, when I became one a little kid about 8-9 told me to F off when I said something to him. I was shocked. I’m now 61 so am at the later boomer age. I’ve seen the casualness & disrespect grow & grow ever since the 60s.
    We need to get it back. Parents need to get it back so they can teach their kids. I’m so afraid for my 4 yr old granddaughter. I taught my daughter respect but to no avail. Peer pressure eroded it away. God help us all. I don’t see anything changing

  8. Oh, Lord, this is true!! So true!!
    Thank you!! Thank you!!
    If it were not for the “common man” there would be no universe, no country, no America, and no “hero”
    God bless the common man.

  9. I agree with the writer, I was getting sick and tired of glorifying the people! There are a lot of other people, who deserve just as much attention!

  10. In all honesty would McCain have been in Annapolis if his father and grandfather were not Admirals? Would Bush have been in Yale if his father and grandfather were regulars Joes?
    The answer is NO.
    A lot of the big opportunities are reserved for the elite.
    Meghan was so correct in pointing out that her dad was fighting in Vietnam while Trump had a deferment. But she seemed to forget that Clinton and Bush avoided Vietnam too. Obama? When did he serve? Yet they were welcomed at the funeral like some conquering heroes?

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