What is the Alt-Right?

Here is an email we received this evening, Sunday 11/27:

Thanks so much for all you do.  I am concerned with the lack of condemnation by conservative commentators, radio hosts, pod casters in general, specifically Chris Plante (whom I like, but glosses over it, perhaps because he doesn’t know that much about it) of the Alt Right.  I know the Alt Right is a fringe movement, but it is real and the left is focusing on it because of Steve Bannon.  Now, while I know Steve Bannon is not a white supremacist, there is some truth to the fact that he has given somewhat of a platform to Milo Yianopolis (sp?) who proclaims he is part of the alt right.  I believe the left will use this as they use everything like this to wear down the average voter into thinking that there is a legitimate concern about Trump being a white nationalists.  I think there should be a stronger message and more clarity about it because if it is swept under the rug or normalized because it is misunderstood it could be made into a “legitimate”message.
So I’m asking you to share your thoughts about the alt right.  Why you think it is not a big deal, or why you think it is.  Are my concerns silly?  Sorry if this is hard to follow.  Thanks for reading.

Mrs. Gerry


The Alt-Right as far as I am concerned is a “term” created by the progressives who desperately try to unfairly place patriotic Americans who voted for Trump with crazy nut jobs who hold hatred for nearly everyone and everything.  I made a video about the “Alt-Right” based on how “they” were being betrayed by Hillary Clinton and her pitiful campaign team.   Enjoy:


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Hillary Clinton recently categorized all Trump supporters as being from the “ALT RIGHT.”   Most people have never heard of the term “ALT RIGHT”, and so there is much confusion as to what an ALT RIGHT person looks and acts like.

Tonight, DML explained what an ALT RIGHT person believes politically.  It’s a DML DAILY REPORT worth seeing and sharing.


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