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Data released by United Van Lines revealed that Illinois, New Jersey, and New York were the top states in the nation for outbound moves in 2017.

United Van Lines, which tracks state-to-state migration patterns, ranked Illinois first among all 50 U.S. states for outbound migration in 2017, with 63 percent of moves going out of state.

“The Northeast continues to experience a moving deficit with New Jersey (63 percent outbound), New York (61 percent) and Connecticut (57 percent) making the list of top outbound states for the third consecutive year,” the report stated. “Massachusetts (56 percent) also joined the top outbound list this year.”

States that followed on the list were Kansas, Ohio, Kentucky, Utah, and Wisconsin.

The data from United Van Lines revealed that more Americans are relocating to the Mountain and Pacific West, and the South. States experiencing the highest inbound migration were Vermont, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, South Dakota, Washington, South Carolina, North Carolina, Colorado, and Alabama.

“As a region, the Mountain West continues to increase in popularity with 54 percent of moves being inbound,” the report stated. “The southern states also saw a high number of people moving in with 52 percent of total moves being inbound.”

Michael Stoll, economist and professor at the Luskin School of Public Affairs at the University of California Los Angeles said, “This year’s data reflect longer-term trends of movement to the western and southern states, especially to those where housing costs are relatively lower, climates are more temperate and job growth has been at or above the national average, among other factors.”

Stoll noted that there is “continued migration to the Pacific Northwest and Mountain West as young professionals and retirees leave California.”

The Tax Foundation contends that taxation and migration trends are related.

“Individuals move for a variety of factors,” the group asserts. “Climate, job opportunities, family, among others, impact the decision to relocate. Taxes can influence the decision too.”

“Tax rates and structure affect a state’s economy; states with less burdensome tax structures and lower rates tend to have better economic growth,” the foundation stated. “Increased job opportunities can result from the better economic growth.”

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