White House Blamed as Mastermind Behind Israel Resolution


The Obama administration has been outed by multiple sources as the mastermind behind the recent United Nations resolution condemning the state of Israel and its settlements on the West Bank. Explanations by the White House have been dubious, but new reports are claiming Secretary of State John Kerry and Vice President Joe Biden were the architects of the grand plan to punish Israel through the resolution.

A notable example, as reported by the Free Beacon, is a Monday phone call that took place before the resolution vote. The phone call was between Biden and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. Apparently, Biden urged Poroshenko to vote in favor of the resolution. Reports from Israel and Europe have confirmed the phone call happened, despite the White House’s denial.

Another example: in December, Kerry held a closed doors meeting with senior Palestinian diplomat Saeb Erekat. According to Egyptian officials who leaked the documents, Kerry and Erekat were discussing ways to propel the resolution forward. White House National Security Council official Ned Price and other senior figures are denying this report as well.

Middle East expert and vice president for research at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Jonathan Schanzer, was an insider on the American government’s involvement in enabling the resolution’s development. Schanzer makes the following claim via Free Beacon:

“We know that this administration was at a minimum helping to shape a final resolution at the United Nations and had been working on this for months. This isn’t terribly dissimilar from the administration’s attempts to spin the cash pallets they sent to Iran. The fact is, the administration has been flagged as being an active participant in this U.N. resolution. Now they wish to try to spin this as inconsequential. This was an attempt by the administration to lead from behind, as they have done countless times in the past and which has failed countless times in the past.”

An anonymous senior congressional aide, who could not officially speak on record, also released a statement to media regarding the U.S. government’s involvement:

“The administration got caught red handed, and now they’re talking out of both sides of their mouth. First they claimed the resolution was simply not objectionable. Now they say it will actually help advance peace. These denials only look more ridiculous with each passing day as new evidence surfaces that the White House was behind this anti-Israel resolution.”

H/T:  Washington Free Beacon


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