White Students Now The Minority in Public Schools

School students_hispanics

Students of color are the ‘new majority’ in most classrooms, and are set to reshape America’s public school system.

The Christian Science Monitor reports that America’s public schools are a direct reflection of the shifting cultural structure of the country – since 2014, for the first time in the nation’s history, a majority of students are non-white – and their definition of a good education includes “shaping lessons that embrace diversity.”

A poll revealed that most black and Latino parents believe schools are “not really trying to educate their students.” They say schools serving primarily students of color are not receiving equal academic opportunities, due to lack of funding, and complain of lower teacher quality and racial bias.

A missing key component is the lack of tax base from the middle-class suburbia.

“Will states and school districts rise to the occasion and build a K-12 public education system designed to address the educational needs of students of color? Or will they shirk their duty … and condemn a majority of public school students to a future with little to no promise?” asks Wade Henderson, president and CEO of The Leadership Conference Education Fund, in a report on the poll results.

One longtime teacher in a Latino area of California explained that Latino and African American families are expecting more focus on culture – not just academics.    “You can’t be engaged in academically rigorous education without being engaged in a culturally relevant education,” he said


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