White Teen Sisters Attacked by Black Lives Matter Mob

Two white teenaged sisters exiting a restaurant were viciously attacked by a nearby mob of protesters wearing Black Lives Matter t-shirts in Stockton, California Friday.

It was supposed to be a peaceful protest “vigil” to remember Colby Friday, who was shot and killed in August by Stockton police after ignoring an officer’s order to drop his gun.

Many of the protesters were wearing Black Lives Matter shirts, and Ron Freitas, Assistant District Attorney for San Joaquin County, said it involved several out-of-towners “whose intent was more than protesting.”

As the two teenager sisters left a Red Robin restaurant and were just innocently walking by, the mob attacked them, according to police reports – just because they were white.    The girls were both left with non-life threatening injuries to their faces and bodies.

Police did not happen to witness the attack, but are searching for those responsible for it and reviewing surveillance video.

The Black Lives Matter organization is denying responsibility, saying there is no “formal” Black Lives Matter group in Stockton, and no one from the Sacramento chapter was involved either.

Police have put out a $10,000 reward for any information about the attack which can lead to an arrest of those responsible.



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