Why Mia Love is Skipping the GOP Convention

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A “rising star” in the GOP who was a featured speaker at the 2012 convention has announced she’s not even going to this year’s convention in Cleveland.

Representative Mia Love, of Utah, claims she sees “no benefit” in attending the convention this year, where Donald Trump is expected to become the Republican nominee for President. 

“I don’t see any upsides to it,” Love said. “I don’t see how this benefits the state.”

Love hasn’t said whether or not she will vote for Trump in November, but she has ruled out voting for Clinton. “Being thoughtful and taking my time and not blindly following is representing my district well,” she said.

She originally endorsed Senator Marco Rubio for president, then ran to be a delegate for Ted Cruz.   Now that Trump is the likely nominee, she’s staying home.

Love said she has never met or spoken to Trump, and brushed aside any rumors circulating about her being a potential VP on his ticket.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Love is the only member of Utah’s 40-person delegation to skip the GOP convention so far, although others are reportedly considering it.

Utah Lt. Governor Spencer Cox said there’s a chance he won’t go, as he’s not supportive of Trump and “I’m not really excited to go to a convention that’s centered around him.”



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