Why Trump Dominated Tuesday Night

Trump 62


HUGE WINS for Donald Trump last night in Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii, with Ted Cruz taking one state, Idaho. 

Mitt Romney went on a massive assault yesterday, trying to stop Trump, and listing all his supposedly failed companies, such as Trump Magazine, Trump Winery, Trump Water, Trump Steaks and Trump Airlines.   Mr. Trump hit back in his press conference last night, proving every business was still going strong, except the airlines, which he sold “for a great deal”.   The airlines did not “fail”, it was SOLD.  Romney’s failed attacks only seemed to strengthen Mr. Trump’s support last night.

The message Donald Trump has been pounding over and over about bad trade deals and jobs going to foreign countries has resonated with working class Americans.   His strong wins in Michigan and Mississippi were proof of that.

Politicians, Washington insiders, lobbyists and powerbrokers, with all their flowery talk about free trade improving the global economy and creating millions of jobs has FAILED.   Instead, thousands of hard-working Americans are being told they’ll soon be out of a job because their plants are moving to Mexico.   IT workers are being told that in order for their company to remain “competitive”, contracts have been made with IT firms from India, and they’ll need to train their foreign replacements in order to receive their severance package.

Donald Trump’s message to bring jobs and industry back to America is hitting home, and the voters are responding in droves.



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