Wife of “LaVoy Finicum” Suing Feds

Brian Claypool is the attorney for Jeanette Finicum.  She is the wife of the Arizona rancher, LaVoy Finicum, who was shot dead by authorities during the occupation of the Malhuer Widlife Refuge last year. Claypool told the Oregonian that Jeanette Finicum and the family are definitely pursuing a lawsuit against Oregon State Police and two FBI agents.

Although prosecutors determined Oregon State Police officers were justified in firing at Robert LaVoy Finicum, Claypool says evidence shows shots were fired contrary to statements made during the investigation.

The Department of Justice is investigating whether an agent lied about firing two shots that did not hit Finicum and if four others worked to hide it later. Claypool said a press conference is planned for September.

Claypool also represents Ryan Bundy in his case related to the occupation.  That case begins next week.


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