WikiLeaks Founder Says More To Come On Clinton

Fox and Friends had a unique guest on their show Friday morning – Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, who has released thousands of hacked emails relating to Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

Assange claims more significant information will be released, and said the information released earlier that resulted in five DNC officials losing their positions has prompted other sources to come forward with yet more information.

He said a major failure on the part of the Sanders and the Trump campaigns is that Hillary tried to run based on her record as Secretary of State, and the other campaigns didn’t pick up soon enough on the failures of her time as Secretary of State.

For example, he said, Benghazi was only a small part of Clinton’s failures in Libya.  “She was the leading architect, the leading political force driving to destroy the Libyan state,” he said, explaining that Clinton’s went against the wishes of leading generals in the Pentagon – and her actions resulted in radical jihadists moving in and taking it over.

Assange said Wikileaks has a perfect record – over a decade – of never having gotten it wrong with what they publish.

They asked if he had information on Donald Trump, and Assange responded that it’s “hard to come up with more controversial material than what comes out of Trump’s mouth.”


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