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“DML, you’re on a rampage.” That’s the statement said to Dennis Michael Lynch by his contact high up the chain at Fox News. DML revealed this statement yesterday during his Walk & Talk (watch).

According to DML, top brass at FOX News is “pissed off” over getting bombarded with emails from TeamDML.  The emails to FOX started on Friday night after DML urged people to voice their disgust over  the network’s constant airing of town halls highlighting Democratic candidates for president.

“These radical Dems use the hour to slam our president and then take the clips and run them on Twitter.  Trump doesn’t need this sort of thing; this does nothing but empower the Democrats into using the only network Trump has on his side to spread anti-Trump lies,” DML claimed.

“You need to go to and get the email to send to FOX.  While you are there get a I SUPPORT TRUMP bumper sticker and I will give you another one for free.  I’ll take the free sticker and mail it to FOX with your name on it,” DML told the 2,100 people watching his Facebook LIVE.

DML believes the more people who participate the more impact it will have. “We did this last year. We bombarded FOX with complaints about them running the Tom Steyer ads for impeachment.  The ads stopped running the next day.  We have to stop these town halls from airing on FOX.”

Do you think the top brass at FOX will listen?  Will FOX News stop airing the town halls with Democrats?


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