Wisc. Business Executive Coming After Paul Ryan’s Congressional Seat

Business executive Paul Nehlen to challenge Paul Ryan.  Nehlen's priorities: "Stopping Paul Ryan’s cronyism & corruption, and securing the border while enforcing existing immigration law.”

Entrepreneur says, “Paul Ryan is a career politician. It’s time that career came to an end.”

Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen announced Tuesday that he is the tea party-allied candidate who is challenging House Speaker Paul D. Ryan in the Republican primary, saying he’s “had it” with the speaker betraying conservatives.

“Paul Ryan’s embrace of big government spending, his continued support of illegal immigration and imported workers, and his championing of the job-killing trade deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership betrays me, this district, and this nation,” he said.

“He’s failed to put America’s security and American jobs first. I’ve had it. We’ve all had it,” said Mr. Nehlen, a successful executive, entrepreneur and inventor who previously donated to Mr. Ryan’s campaigns.

[pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]UPDATE:   CLICK HERE to see Paul Nehlen’s first campaign video!  [/pullquote]

Mr. Nehlen serves as senior vice president of operations for a leading water filtration and disinfection technologies company, and helped relocated manufacturing jobs from Canada to the U.S., including moving several product lines to Wisconsin.  

As an inventor, he holds several patents for filtration and manufacturing technologies, including processes that are involved in 3D printing.  He lives in Delavan, Wisconsin, with his wife, Gabriela, and is prepared to put a substantial amount of his personal fortune into the campaign, according to the adviser.


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