Wisconsin Recount Update

Second day recount totals in Wisconsin have Trump ahead by 3 votes.

The state of  Wisconsin election commission posts daily updates. The most up to date spreadsheet for December 3rd has shown that both of the  candidate’s vote numbers have bounced up and down and are in essence, cancelling each other out.

It’s only day 2 of the recount so most of the counties have not completed their results but some townships and villages have.

Heavy.com has posted the daily numbers:256px-2008recountmn

Totals after Day 2 of Counting

Clinton gained 89 votes but lost 86 for a net gain of 3 votes.
Trump gained 98 votes but lost 92 for a net gain of 6 votes.

Clinton gained 3 votes
Trump gained 6 votes
Net Trump gain of 3 votes on Day 2

Trump won Wisconsin by more than 22,000 votes. Trump is now ahead a total of 3 votes in a recount process that is costing over $3.5 million.




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