Witch Hunt Ending Against Internet News Sites

FEC Commissioner Lee Goodman makes a statement during his first meeting at the Commission's downtown office, as Chair Ellen Weintraub, and Commissioner Ann Ravel, look on.  (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

FEC Drops Talk of New Rules Regulating Political News On The Internet

From WASHINGTON EXAMINER | by Paul Bedard: The Federal Election Commission, which has toyed with regulating Internet news sites that have a political edge, is being urged to extend what amounts to a “Drudge Report exemption” to a developing political and marketing news site.

Ethiq Inc. plans to help consumers and voters with their choices by steering specific news to them, but appears concerned that it could run afoul of the FEC, which under Democratic control mulled regulation of politically charged sites, especially conservative ones like Drudge.

The FEC came under fire last year when Democratic commissioners even whispered talk of regulating news sites. They were driven back by public outrage and Commissioner Lee E. Goodman who first raised the issue and who sought to protect digital news sites from regulations, no matter what their political bent was.

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