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The migrants coming into the US off the caravan that traveled up from Central America were offered asylum from Mexico, but they rejected it.  That alone proves this has nothing to do with needing asylum from their home country, it’s all about wanting a job and free benefits.

As shown in the video below, the caravan of migrants are all in the US now.  I said this would be the case, but not Trump. The president said they wouldn’t be permitted in, but he was wrong.

As Michelle Malkin explains in the interview below, the illegal aliens come in and they don’t leave.  The only way to get them out of the US, is the same measure we have to take in order to keep them from coming in the first place.  We have to turn off the jobs magnet.  No more jobs, more free stuff.  The only way to do this is to issue an executive order demanding mandatory national e-Verify.

I urge you to join my crusade.  You can either sit back and do nothing, or you can send this president a loud message.  Enough about FAKE NEWS, it’s time for the REAL DEAL.  Join the rest of us who are sending the TRILOGY to the WHITE HOUSE.  It helped stop the Gang of 8 bill, it helped kill DACA, and it will force the president into demanding e-Verify via executive order.  If you order the Trilogy, I send you a free set to send to Trump. I then match your free set by sending another set from me to him.  CLICK HERE

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