Woman Beats Baby To Death, Throws Her In Dumpster

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Kenzley Ava-LeAnn Olsen, 13 months old, was a child someone – anyone – should have wanted and loved.   But no one did.  

Instead, police say she was beaten to death and thrown away into a garbage dumpster on a Montana Indian reservation.   

Kenzley’s mother dropped her off at the home of Janelle Red Dog, 42, about two weeks ago, and never came back.   Red Dog has confessed to punching Kenzley several times on Tuesday, April 19, killing her.   Then she put the child’s body in a duffel bag and threw her in a trash dumpster several blocks from her home.   A few hours later she reported Kenzley missing, and falsely accused a couple from North Dakota of kidnapping her.

Red Dog finally confessed to authorities and told them where to find the child’s body.   Officials are indicating the use of methamphetamine was at the root of the crime.   She is being held in jail without bond, and tribal prosecutors are expected to charge her by Tuesday, at her next hearing.

Kenzley’s mother?   The tribal jail has confirmed that she was in jail when her daughter was killed.

“The only clear facts are that the baby was found in the dumpster, and Janelle told them where to find her, and that Janelle at some point struck the child. Those things don’t add up to murder,” Red Dog’s attorney, Mary Zemyan said.

Editors Note:   If it doesn’t’ add up to murder, what does it add up to?



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