Woman Finds Stalker Hiding Under Bed As Security System Being Installed

A Goodlettsville, Tennessee woman was having a security system installed in her home as added protection against a man who had threatened her life, when she found the stalker inside her home – hiding under her bed!

According to police records, the woman and the man, Tony Joe Gunter, 52, had been dating for about two years when she recently discovered he has an “extensive” criminal history and broke up with him.  When she told him not to return, he threatened her, saying, “I will kill you, you stupid ***.”

Three different times since then, the woman has come home and discovered that Gunter had broken in and was inside her home.   She changed her locks twice, and filed a restraining order against him.  She also contacted ADT Security to install a security system in her home on Tuesday.

After the installer completed the job, the woman went to retrieve her cell phone from her bedroom, but it was missing… and Gunter’s feet were sticking out from under the bed.  She yelled at the installer to call 911, while she grabbed her gun and shot one of Gunter’s feet as he was under the bed.

The woman then ordered Gunter to give back her phone.  He threw it out from under the bed and she held him there at gunpoint until police arrived.

Police say the woman shot the man in self-defense and will not face charges.

Gunter is facing charges of violating a protection order, theft, stalking and aggravated burglary.


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