A southern Minnesota woman is facing felony charges after she allegedly kicked out the windshield of an Uber driver’s vehicle, damaged his cellphone and commanded her dog to “kill” a police officer who responded to the scene.

According to documents filed in Blue Earth County, 36-year-old Mary Kathryn Boettcher of Mankato was charged with fourth-degree assault against a peace officer, obstructing the legal process and first-degree damage to property.

Officials stated that a 911 call was received on the night of Dec. 30 from an Uber driver, claiming that a woman had kicked out the windshield of his vehicle and broken his cellphone before entering a nearby home. A witness in the Uber vehicle told police that the woman was very intoxicated and “freaked out” when the Uber vehicle got close to her house, WCCO TV reported.

Officers responded to the scene, and one officer knocked on the door of the home Boettcher had entered. According to a criminal complaint, Boettcher opened the door, but refused to step outside to speak with the officer. The officer then placed his foot between the door and the jamb to prevent Boettcher from shutting it.

Boettcher ordered her dog, which reportedly weighed between 25 and 30 pounds, to “kill” the officer, repeating her demand several times.

As the dog bit the officer on his legs, he attempted to pull Boettcher out of the house. The effort caused the officer to slip, and he and Boettcher fell onto the front yard as the dog continued to bite him.

Once the two were outside, another officer managed to handcuff Boettcher while his colleague got control of the dog.

Boettcher’s dog left the primary responding officer with five wounds on his legs, some bleeding.

If convicted of the charges, Boettcher faces years in prison and more than $10,000 in fines.

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