Woman Makes Distressing 911 Call – What the Police Find is Unnerving

In Akron, Ohio, a kidnapped woman called 911 and made a desperate plea to police to rescue her from her captor. “I’ve been abducted. Please hurry,” she begged to the dispatcher, fearing the man who abducted her would kill her. When police arrived to the location where the woman made the call though, what they found was unnerving and unexpected. 

The woman was found in an abandoned Ashland house with her captor Shawn Grate, who is homeless and has an extensive criminal record for burglarizing houses and various other crimes. What was more disturbing were the three bodies the police unearthed in the derelict home.

Grate admitted to investigators he killed one of the bodies of woman in a fire. Another body was that of Stacey Stanley, who had been reported missing from her home since September 8th in Greenwich, Huron County. The third body has not been identified as of yet.

Richland County prosecutor Bambi Couch Page told news media that Grate had confessed to killing a woman in June and then set her house ablaze in an arson-infused rage. The woman who made the 911 call she had been tied up but partly freed herself in a bedroom to make the call while her captor was asleep in the room. She was rescued by police, where she told them she had known Grate for a few weeks.


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