Woman Shot In Dallas Attack Gains New Appreciation for Police

Attacks on Police25 070716 Shetamia Taylor

Shetamia Taylor, a Dallas woman who was marching with the Black Lives Matter demonstrators along with her four sons, was shot in the leg by gunman Micah Xavier Johnson during his deadly rampage Thursday, July 7.

In a news conference from the hospital, Taylor tells of her frightening experience, and repeated over and over how grateful she is for the police officers, calling them heros.   

Taylor said she and her sons were actually walking away from the march, leaving to go home, when the first shots rang out.   A police officer near her got shot, and as he went down, he yelled to her, “He has a gun, run!”

Her sons were running ahead of her, and as they ran, Taylor was shot in the leg.   She grabbed one son as they fell, covering him with her body.  Soon other police officers came and shielded them.

Taylor wept as she told how she then saw a second officer shot and killed.   She said the officers helping her showed no regard for their own lives, doing everything they could to help and protect her and her son.   The officers loaded them up in a police car and rushed her to the hospital.

Her other three sons had ran on ahead, not realizing she was shot.  Teenager JaJuan was separated from his brothers, and another woman fleeing the scene – Angie Wisner, a 33-year-old mother of three – protected him and stayed with him as he made phone calls trying to find out what happened to his family.




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