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After the news of one woman’s brutal attack by a Somali migrant was ignored by Minneapolis’ largest newspaper, a second local TV station has picked up the story, finally giving it traction.

Morgan Evenson, 26, was hospitalized with 14 stab wounds and a lacerated kidney after she was attacked two weeks before Christmas while walking home from work in uptown Minneapolis.

She did not know the man and has no idea why he attacked her. Police say they are working multiple leads in the case, but no arrests have been made.

The fact that a Somali migrant remains at large after having targeted a young white woman who was walking alone has women in Minneapolis afraid to be alone in a city they used to think was safe.

Evenson herself is speaking out, revealing new information about her attacker that casts doubt on the official police narrative about what happened that night.

Just after the Dec. 13 attack, Minneapolis police said it was an attempted robbery.

Crime Prevention Specialist Jennifer Neale told the Southwest Journal on Dec. 20: “We’re still scratching our heads about it, because it’s just so brazen,” noting the level of violence used to “get a purse.”

The problem with that statement is the fact that Evenson recalls that he made no attempt to snatch her purse.

She fought back with all she had as he continuously thrust his knife into her torso, wrists, arms and shoulders. She resisted long enough for a male pedestrian to hear her screams and come running to her aid, sending the Somali attacker fleeing.

After being released from the hospital, she immediately moved out of state. Now, Evenson said she fears for the safety of her friends still living in uptown Minneapolis, where she worked at the Apple Store in a shopping district that includes Victoria’s Secret, high-end jewelry stores and coffee shops.

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