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Despite having various medical problems, April Walters, 46, had been cleared by her primary care physician to have her teeth pulled.  Walters had been suffering from an infection.  Walter’s sister took her to the dentist.

The medical assistant who took Walter’s vital signs was alarmed.  She told Walter’s sister that April’s heart rate was at 130.  That’s when the dentist came in to do the procedure.  According to Walter’s sister, Crystal, “The dental assistant said ‘I am waiting for her heart rate to come down.’ The dentist said ‘We’re fine’ and the procedure starts.”

Crystal says her sister had anxiety and was nervous. She had been turned away before because of an elevated heart rate – but not this time. After 16 of 18 teeth had been pulled, the dentist told her they would stop for the day.

Crystal claims the dentist left to see another patient.  Minutes later the dentist returned and said, ‘Ma’am when you leave here you should probably go to the doctor and get your heart checked out, that heart rate’s kind of high.'”

Crystal escorted her sister out of the office and to the car. By the time April was in the back seat, she was having trouble breathing.  Minutes later she was dead.  What exactly happened remains under investigation.


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