Women Explain Why They Hate Hillary Clinton

While the liberal media drives the narrative that Hillary Clinton is the champion for women, a good majority of females seem to think otherwise.

In a video posted to YouTube, Mark Dice takes to the streets to ask women why they hate Hillary and why they aren’t going to vote for her on Election Day.

Women interviewed say they hate Hillary Clinton for various reasons, offering explanations such as “She is a criminal,” “She’s a liar,” “She’s easily persuaded by lobbyists,” “Her voice drives me crazy,” “She’s run by big money,” and “She’s too emotional.”

One woman went on to explain that although she would vote for a female president, Hillary isn’t the one for her.

“She plays the female card, and I’m a female and wouldn’t mind a female president but I don’t want one just to have one if I don’t agree with her policies, and I don’t think it’s for a better America, then that’s not something that I want.”

Women explaining why they won’t be voting for Hillary can be seen below:


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