Two women from Northern Kentucky are visiting tunnels, shelters and camps working to keep homeless people warm and alive during the bitter winter cold that has gripped much of the country.

For several days and nights, Stacey Hall and Tammy Nolan have been seeking out the “unseen” homeless in and around Cincinnati, Ohio, WLWT TV reported.

“I don’t think people make the connection that this is life, that there is life beyond the highways,” Hall said.

Nolan added, “We’ve got people out here dying from this, from, you know, just being cold.”

The two women have utilized social media to amass a collection of coats, gloves, scarves, blankets and other items that might help the homeless stay warm in the life-threatening cold–around three degrees on Monday night. They also collected dog and cat food for homeless animals.

According to Joseph Jackson, a homeless man who has been on and off the streets for approximately three years, “It’s cold and I try to do what I can, you know, it’s rough out here.”

Jackson, who had a place to stay Monday night, lauded the efforts of Hall and Nolan.

“My legs are numb. My hands are numb, and for them to be out here all night long, I just can’t even imagine,” Nolan said.

Hall believes that many people are unaware of the crisis of homelessness, or simply ignoring it.

“People don’t realize that this is out here, I don’t think. Or maybe they do and they just don’t want to know,” Hall said.

The women are still receiving donations and intend to continue helping the homeless fight the cold. A GoFundMe page has been posted in support of their efforts.


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