BERLIN — So far the count is 13 when adding the number of cases of sexual assault that took place on New Year’s Eve in Germany’s capital.  What makes the number more troubling is the assaults happened despite the city’s creation of a “safety area” for women to celebrate the arrival of 2018.

“This safety of women — or better yet — the lack thereof — is why I am heading to Germany and other European countries in April to film the no go zones that have emerged.  Muslim migrants have overtaken cities, and I want to blast the warning  bell to all Americans,” said Dennis Michael Lynch when discussing his upcoming film, They Come to America 4.

In Berlin, police made seven arrests, according to German media reports, but no information was released about the suspects.

As midnight neared in Germany, Berlin police tweeted that they were receiving reports of sexual assaults, but warned that the force does not tolerate such crimes.

After being asked on Twitter about the nationality of the perpetrators, police declined to provide the information — saying ethnicity or national origin would have no bearing on the cases.

Germany has been grappling with rampant sexual harassment of women during public celebrations. Two years ago, more than 1,000 complaints were filed about sexual harassment on New Year’s Eve.

Many of the victims have identified their attackers as being North African or Middle Eastern migrants — a source of frustration as Germany struggles to assimilate new arrivals.

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