Women’s Conference Bans Female Republican

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Contributed by Dean Daniels

At the University of California, President Ariana Rowlands of the Irvine College Republicans was not permitted entry into the Women’s Caucus Leadership Conference because of her values.

According to Rowlands, she was denied admission to the conference because members felt she wasn’t there for “the right reasons.” Rowlands initially sought to attend the conference since she is the only female leader of a political organization on UC’s campus.

The conference, a joint effort by the Associated Students of UCI and Associated Graduate Students, is summarized in its website’s description as “a political coalition that serves to represent the gender needs and interests of women, trans individuals, and allies across the UC system.”

Topics examined at the conference include “women in politics, erasing the glass ceiling effect in the workplace, health relationships/domestic violence,” and other similar discussions.

In a video from Campus Reform, Rowlands is seen attempting to acquire a name badge to gain entry to the event. She is stopped short by the conference president, Tracy La, who promptly tells her she is not allowed to attend.

The video of the encounter can be watched below:


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