Friday the sex marketplace website, “” and its affiliated websites were seized by U.S. law enforcement agencies, over its involvement in sex trafficking and underage prostitution.

 Lawmakers and enforcement officials have been working to crack down on the site, which is used primarily to sell sex and is the second largest classified ad service in the country after Craigslist.

Backpage and advocacy groups have argued that the ads are free speech protected by the U.S. Constitution.

Now the Women’s March organization, headed up by Muslim activist Linda Sarsour, has come out in defense of the website, and promoting a Twitter thread that has lambasted the shutdown of the sex-trafficking website.

The group claims that website was needed for sex workers to be able to “safely get in touch with clients,” and says “Sex workers rights are women’s rights.”

Some of the statements tweeted out in defense of the seized website, which were promoted by the Women’s March group include the following:

The shutdown of Backpage is already having dire ramifications. This is particularly damning for black trans women who rely on these websites to screen their clients and work to provide housing, food, and transportation!

The government fails to invest in the survival of black trans women and finds new ways everyday to strip them of the resources to determine how they want to live their lives.

The government fails to provide stable and safe housing for queer and trans youth yet penalizes them for engaging in survival sex work.

Criminalization strips black women and girls, especially black trans women from full humanity. It denies them sexual autonomy while simultaneously fetishing and erasing them. Criminalization is BAD for everyone.

Listen to Black sex workers ! We support everyone’s ability to work! Sex work is work. Sex workers deserve to work free from violence (especially at the hands of the state) and should be provided the resources and tools needed to make their own decisions.

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