Women’s March group numbers are off about who “birthed the population”

Wednesday was International Women’s Day, and the liberal “Women’s March” activists capitalized on the holiday to promote their own version, called “A Day Without a Woman,” by marching in the streets to promote liberal women’s policies.

Pro-life and conservative women’s policies were not included, as the “Women’s March” group supports abortion rights and Planned Parenthood.

The “Women’s March” tweeted an alleged quote from Nelini Stamp from the Working Families Party: “Women birth half the population, and we are half the population!”

It is still unclear who they believe birthed the other half of the population.

So far, the tweet is still up, and no explanation or retraction has been added.

Another one of the many videos the “Women’s March” shared from the day was a video of their leaders marching arm in arm, singing that they’re “calling out the violence of the racist police, and we ain’t gonna stop till our people are free.”

The woman wearing the red headscarf is activist Linda Sarsour, a promoter of Sharia Law, which suppresses women’s rights.

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