World’s Powerful Elite In Secret Meetings About Trump?

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures to supporters during a rally in Eugene, Oregon on May 6, 2016.  / AFP PHOTO / Rob Kerr

Every year since 1954, the power players of the world all meet behind closed doors for three days of secret discussions that are never made public.  This year’s “Bilderberg Meetings” event is this weekend, June 9-12, in Dresden, Germany.

According to the rules, no minutes are taken and no report is written about the discussions.   Participants are allowed to use the information they receive, but they are not allowed to release the identity or the affiliation of the speaker, or that of any other attendee.   The German military will be providing security for the event, and attendance is by invitation only.   

No one knows quite what is discussed – although according to CNBC, the topics released ahead of this year’s meeting include the vague “Current events” (Brexit, Trump, migrants?). Other topics of discussion include Europe, Russia, cyber-security, geo-politics of energy and commodity prices (Saudi Arabia?) and ‘Precariat and the middle class.’

It has long been rumored that careers are launched and future presidents are decided at Bilderberg.  Bill Clinton attended the conference in 1991 as a little-known governor of Arkansas and the next year, he was elected as U.S. President.  CNBC released the following list of confirmed attendees:

Chaired by the head of French insurance giant AXA Group, Henri de Castries, who also happens to be a count, this year’s attendees include CEOs of multinationals including Shell, Deutsche Bank, Airbus, and Siemens; politicians such as former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, and former head of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso. It also includes economists such as the International Monetary Fund’s Christine Lagarde and World Economic Forum Chairman Klaus Schwab and lastly, royalty such as the King of the Netherlands.


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