Wounded Cop Saved By Highway Heroes (VIDEO)

A police officer was shot and severely wounded when a suspect opened fire during a traffic stop. Two Good Samaritans showed up just in time and saved the man’s life.

Officer Brian Southerland stopped a pickup truck at 5:30 p.m. Sunday on highway I-240. The video below shows Southerland pulling over the driver, Cory Lee Hartsell, after he clips the curb with a tail light out.

As soon as the officer began to walk toward the truck, Hartsell fired several shots at him. The officer tried to duck for cover on the right side of his vehicle, but one of the stray bullets struck and left him seriously injured.

According to Valley Brook Police Department reports, the officer was shot in the femoral artery and, if he had not received immediate medical attention, would have bled to death within minutes.

News9 reported that an elderly man jumped out of his car and discovered an injured Southerland, then ran back to his vehicle. Soon after, a second man showed up on the scene and the elderly man returned with a rope to use as a tourniquet, along with a stick to twist the rope tighter around the officer’s leg.

Oklahoma County Deputy arrived on the scene with a medical tourniquet and was able to stop the bleeding.

Police Chief Michael Stamp said, “It’s been said to us by the doctors that the tourniquet kit ultimately saved the officer’s life.”

Officer Southerland is currently stable and recovering after undergoing two surgeries.

Hartsell is a known gang member with a criminal history who had a warrant out for his arrest. Hartsell was driving a truck that did not belong to him, without authorization.

Hartsell was arrested Monday and charged with shooting with intent to kill and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. He remains in jail with bail set at $500,000.

The Valley Brook Chief of Police released a shocking dashcam video that captured the traffic stop and the moment the officer was shot in the leg.

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