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DML Pure, which is available at, is taking the nation by storm. People who use DML PURE CBD truly feel great again whether they use the oils and softgels.  Here are two recent testimonials sent in from customers.

The first comes from LISA.
“Dennis, I’m a big skeptic.  I ordered the CBD because I witnessed your transformation as well as your honesty.  Everywhere I’ve researched it always says it will be about 2wks to 30 days before you notice results.  As I waited for my order, I kept up on the reviews.  Your reviews were getting results almost immediately.   I wondered how much is mental wishing and how much is actual physical results.  I believed it was great, but to work that fast?

Well, I tried to wait to send you my review but I’m just too amazed.  I have a lite cage fusion in my lower back (metal screws in place of a disk). The surgery was anything but a success so I’ve been in pain 24/7.  I’ve learned to live with it but it really restricts my mobility.  I received the DML Pure CBD yesterday and immediately took the first dose.  Took another before bed.   I normally have to take Advil PM with a Mike’s (hard lemonade) to sleep; but not last night.   In the morning I normally have to push myself up with my arms to sit up in bed and then deal with the pain of standing up.  This morning I was shocked because it took a lot less effort sitting up and noticeably easier standing up.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.  I am so excited just thinking about the results I’ll continue to have the longer  I use it.
Not to mention the taste is not bad; it tasted like really mild greens.  I tried CBD a few years back. It tasted like licking an ashtray and it did absolutely nothing for me. On top of that, the same size bottle cost me $120.

Please do me a favor, if you ever were to decide to stop selling, please let me know in advance, I’ll buy a life time supply either my life or the shelf life.”

The second testimonial comes in from PAT.

DML, I was taking another CBD brand for a few months.  It took away some pain and helped me sleep better. Then I had a sick cat..stopped taking care of myself for a week and went off CBD.
All my pains returned.

10 days ago I started to take DML PURE oil. I am almost completely pain free now and I am sleeping great again.I have tons of energy too.  Been staying up all hours cleaning my house.  You have a great product at a great price for a 2oz. Bottle. Thanks for helping me Feel Great Again. Patty

Why are you waiting?  It’s safe and tested.  I use DML PURE. My family uses it. My friends use it.  Feel great again! Go to

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  1. I get random drug tests and gave been reluctant to use CBD oils, even when they say there is no THC. Have you had any pilots that have taken this and then received a drug test?

    • There is less than 0.03% THC in it. My son had sent me some, same thing, questions were same as yours. It may show up in a drug test,there’s a chance. Depends on where you live and what your job is.

  2. Wondering if anyone has migraines and headaches if this helps. Desperate to find something that helps. I’ve been on so many preventatives that haven’t worked except to give me side effects.


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