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  1. I need but did not see ad for special on CBD products plus a small amount of legal THC, I don’t personally know people here in rural Virginia with the kind of money to pay for an extra item out of the blue that they have no proof if it will work it want to trust you that it will. Can I not have a credit plan Please? I need this for pain so badly and have prayed that a product of this quality would one day be created and here it is and I cannot afford it. I only get $140.00 per month from Railroad Retirement Board after 33 years service. Anyways I need this for sciatica, fibromyalgia, arthritis pain, chronic pain, costrochondritis, COPD, and trial fib, plus I have to wear oxygen tube 24/7 hours a day! Please consider making a way that I one able to buy this product! I really like your posts and enjoy my box of gummies. Happy Fourth of July and May God Bless You for helping others

  2. Spending most of my life in the medical field, I find this Lady acting rather peculiar. If a person has as many medical diagnoses, as she lists. It would be best DML, if you suggest she seek her primary care physician (doctor) for any and all CBD needs. I would fear possible litigation at a future date. Best Regards, Debra


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