You Won’t Believe How Much Hawaii is Paying this Lesbian Couple for Kissing…

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In Hawaii, kissing in public might be the key to winning the lotto if you are gay or lesbian. At a Honolulu grocery store, two lesbian women claim a police officer wrongfully arrested them after seeing them kissing in public. Courtney Wilson and Taylor Guerrero were vacationing in the Hawaiian city from Los Angeles last year when the two were detained for showing too much public affection, according to their lawsuit. So how much is the city of Honolulu paying these two women for the lawsuit settlement?

About $80,000. After the lawsuit was filed following the incident, the Honolulu Police Department opened an internal investigation. “The internal investigation was completed, and the allegations were not sustained,” department spokeswoman Michelle Yu wrote in an email.

Wilson said she and Guerrero are no longer a couple but remain friends and plan on splitting the settlement. So there you go folks, if you play for the other team you could win big bucks from the city government if you claim you’ve been wrongfully discriminated by law enforcement. All you have to do is lock lips in a store.


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