Young Illegals Say Temporary Amnesty is Bread Crumbs

Illegal Dreamers 1

The uncertainty of not being seen as a “permanent person” is scary.

Since Obama established the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” program (DACA) in June 2012 at least 836,000 young illegals have gotten temporary residency and work-permits.  

But, according to Breitbart, the “Dreamers” say this special legal status that allows them to work and study in the United States is “nothing more than bread crumbs to keep us from starving.”

In a recent interview, several young illegals expressed their fears on the matter.

One girl spoke of the “frightening” possibility that she could have her temporary legalized status revoked, which would make it hard for her to get a job.

“Even something as simple as when I apply for a job, I feel like I have to disclose that if they do offer me a job, I might not be able to continue next year because my work permit might not be renewed,” she said. “What if this company doesn’t offer me a job because they don’t see me as a permanent person?”

Another student said that thanks to DACA he had to plan his life in “two-year stretches.”    “It’s a scary feeling. It’s a lot of uncertainty. I don’t know what my life’s going to be past November,” he said.

They’re hoping a Democrat will win the presidency, to sustain their future in America.



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