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Never mind that President Donald Trump has denied referring to Haiti and African nations as “sh**hole countries.” Virginia activist Kyle McDaniel, 28, is reacting to the narrative being promoted with a special decision of his own.

According to a report in The Washington Post, McDaniel was described as a “potential rising star” in the Republican Party. In a resignation letter Tuesday, however, McDaniel wrote he “could no longer stomach” Trump’s behavior, referencing the media’s misleading reports as the reason he’s not comfortable calling himself a Republican these days.

In his resignation letter to John Whitbeck, the state party’s chairman, McDaniel also cited Trump’s reported response to the white supremacist rally last year in Charlottesville, Va. as another reason for his departure from the party.

“I have, on more occasions than I care to recall, been forced to ‘bite my tongue’ when in conversation with other party leaders about the issues of the day,” McDaniel wrote. “I cannot in good faith continue to do that.”

McDaniel said he’s now identifying as an Independent, although he noted that he will support candidates he agrees with.

“We wish Mr. McDaniel the best in his future endeavors, but he owes every member of his party an apology for repeating the Democrat talking points that Republicans are a bunch of racists,” Whitbeck said in a statement.

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