Your tax dollars supporting deported illegal immigrants start businesses.

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Illegal immigrants being deported to their home countries is something most Americans support.   But how many Americans will be happy to learn the United States is supporting the deportees financially long after the deportation is complete?  Sadly, a new report by Senator Rand Paul indicates that’s exactly what is happening.

As part of an ongoing project he calls The Waste Report, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., has called attention to an obscure federal agency called the Inter-American Foundation (IAF).

Housed in a few blocks from the White House, IAF is using taxpayers’ money to help Salvadorans sent back to El Salvador to “reintegrate” into their communities, under the idea that doing so will make them less likely to seek to return to the United States.

The IAF estimates that 500 Salvadorans are deported from the U.S. to El Salvador each week. The group says the IAF funds assist sixty Salvadorans a year, “including deportees,” by helping to “facilitate their reintegration into their communities and support their enterprises.” This is accomplished by “offering financial education, technical advice and assistance with business plans,” all of which serves, in turn, to “assure that broader support and resources are available to the migrants, that their abilities are appreciated, their concerns understood and their needs met.”



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