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Written by DML
Below is a very important report which I ask you to please share on your social media accounts.

A five-year-old North Carolina boy was shot to death at point-blank range by a neighbor while riding his bike in his own yard on Sunday evening, the Daily Mail reports.

According to ABC 11, Wilson, North Carolina, authorities arrested 25-year-old Darius Sessoms some 24 hours after he allegedly shot and killed the poor little boy on the bike.

The boy, named Cannon Hinnant, was biking in front of his father’s North Carolina house when he was shot in the head.

DML: This scumbag needs to be dealt with correctly, and I don’t mean releasing him into the streets like they’ve done in the past.  Read this:

According to the Wilson Times, Sessoms was previously convicted of felony larceny of firearms in Wilson County in March 2016, misdemeanor maintaining a place for a controlled substance in Wake County in April 2016 and felony marijuana possession in Nash County in November 2016.

Doris Lybrand, who witnessed the shooting, told WRAL that Sessoms ran up to the boy, put the gun near his head and fired before running back to his own house.

“My first reaction was he’s playing with the kids,” Lybrand said. “For a second, I thought, ‘That couldn’t happen.’ People don’t run across the street and kill kids.”

She said she realized the gun was real when she saw Cannon’s father’s reaction to the shooting, and she quickly went inside her home, locked the door and called 911.

“You don’t expect to see somebody shoot someone,” she said.

DML:There is a Go Fund Me for the family
It reads…I am the cousin of Austin Hinnant, father of Cannon. Sunday, August 9, 2020 a sweet soul named Cannon Hinnant was taken from this world over a senseless act. A beautiful 5 year old baby boy riding his bicycle was shot by his neighbor point blank in Wilson NC. One minute he is enjoying his life, the next it all ends because he rode into his neighbors yard.. 5 years old guys!! Nothing prepares a parent for the loss of their child. No child should ever have their future stolen from them.

The message continues:

“I am starting this GoFundMe to help with funeral expenses and any help along the way for both Cannons mother & father with permission. If you can help in any way please do. As a mother, I can’t wrap my head around what these precious parents are going through. Our family appreciates every prayer that you have sent. ❤#JusticeForCannon

*I’m proud to be from Wilson NC because we have each other during hard times. Let’s show Cannon how much we support him. If you are not able to donate, please at least share. Thank you.

Photo of Cannon used on the Go Fund Me

DML: I will be donating not just to help the family but to show the hypocrites in the media don’t care about the lives of kids.  Where is the media coverage?  Meaning, imagine if this was a white man killing a 5-year-old black boy.

The information listed is from KNEWZ.COM.

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  1. The title of this article is very misleading. If I hadn’t read the article, I would have thought a 5 year old boy shot a black man. Can we be a little more clear and not sensationalize?? What a horrific tragedy!

    • “Black man who shot dead North Carolina boy, 5, at point blank range is captured”. One has to wonder where your confusion stems. Sensationalized? You’re on the wrong site.

      • Defiantly on the wrong site, very easy to understand and I see a need to sensationalize. Where in the hell are the big fat cat black leaders with their denouncing efforts? If it’s war that the majority of blacks want then they are making a serious mistake. This will cause many white people to develop a hatred that is totally understandable. GOD please help the parents of this little boy, in the name of Jesus I ask it. I’m crazy mad now, this is so horrific, the worst of horrors.

      • Michael, I follow you all the time and an addtional word could have eliminated the confusion. I would have added an a in front of North Carolina.
        Keep up the good work and this is such a horrific tragedy!!

        • But then it would have been a sentence and not a headline. The focus should be on this child, his family, the lack of public outrage and the horrific events that unfolded that tragic day.

    • I feel the same. There should be a protest for this little boy, plus all the other little ones murdered during this black lives matter and antifa crap. My heart breaks for all the parents. God won’t continue to put up with these killings of innocent babies.

  2. I am so sick of every headline saying the color of their skin. This is a very sickening event. I do worry about just riding a bike with my family because someone might think we need to die because we are white. I hope this wasn’t due to racial tension. It is sick no matter if it was or wasn’t. My sons are 6 and 9 and I can honestly say I don’t know if I would be able to contain my anger.

  3. This is beyond sickening.. Let’s see if we hear anything from the mainstream media about this… So has this been classified as a hate crime..?? There would already be riots if the races involved were reversed… Our country is imploding… We cannot let the Dems win in November..

  4. I wish I could have caught the bastard, oh how I wish I could have. The tax payer wouldn’t have had to feed him a single meal.

  5. I can’t imagine anyone doing this especially the neighbor that had dinner with them not long ago according to the news article. I totally agree with you DML if the shooting involved was the other way around then Ol Al Sharptongue would be making his presence known.

    Prayers to the family at this most difficult time. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. This is very sick. All this man had to do regardless of color which we don’t know. Is to go over and talk to the parents and it would be settled. The parents if they gave a shit would tell their son not to go over there. Most people now a days don’t go talk to the parents they are eager to shoot or call the cops. This is crazy. What ever happened to people being civil with one another?

  7. Why aren’t my replies being posted. I take a lot of time writing them out and they disappear. What happened to people being civil to each other? All he had to do is go to the boys home and ask the parents to please ask him to not go in his yard. People are anxious to either shoot or call the cops. What ever happened to the old days of talking to your neighbor? This isn’t right. This man needs to go to jail and stay there.

    • Carol, this apparently isn’t the type of neighbor you want and not one that would come over and ask you to keep your kids out of their yard. He has previous charges against him. He is trash. I see no need for a trial at all. The neighbor witnessed the whole tragedy. This guy will sit on death row forever or maybe even be let out on “no bail” policy. He should have been in prison for his previous crimes. We live in dangerous times when something like this can happen.

    • He wasn’t in the killers yard. He was in his own yard with his sister on his bike. He black neighbor walked up to him and shot him at close range in the back of his head. I hope north carolina has the death penalty.

  8. My prayers 🙏 and thoughts go out to each family who lost a child during this stupid bullshit. I’m so sick and tired of hearing about this. Blm antifa and all the other stupid fucking Democrats that let this shit happen. They all also should be held accountable for all these sensless crimes committed by these low life scumbags!!! The way I see it they are accomplises to these crimes for letting it to continue under their whach. If it were their children that this shit happens to, you can bet your ass they would be looking for justice. The fucking low life scumbags. I really hope the American people make the right choice come voting time or I garuntee there will be a war and it won’t be pretty. The first ones to go after is the Democrats drain that fucking swamp then go after their fucking flunkees. I am fucking pissed and I’m sure alot of true Americans feel the same way. Time to END THIS FUCKING SHIT!!!! HOW MANY MORE LIVES HAVE TO BE TAKEN BEFORE THIS COMES TO AN END!!!!!!

  9. Why was this not on every news broadcast in the country. Cable and network should have carried this. If the races had been reversed it would have been. That kind of story would have caused riots and looting.

  10. DML- thank you for bringing this to National attention.. I’m originally from that area & my family still lives there. I hear from them how awful crime, murder, etc. is. This is total insanity The media/Democrats don’t care because it doesn’t fit their agenda of “Racist white people” victimizing another “black man”. Everyone I know in NC is posting & reposting this on FB but no one else. It makes me sick every time I see it.

  11. This is sick. Blacks complain about Cops. If they had been taught
    Respect most would have
    Not died. The blacks hAve
    Done alot to other Races
    And this is black people not
    Cops.How a person can do
    This is so sick. We had a couple of people that lost
    Thier son. They went to the
    Grave site to pray and one
    Black man came up behind
    Them and shot them both.
    The both died. And so many
    More. Stop the murdering.
    Black lives are not special.

  12. What protection do these young children have if not from people walking with Satan and being acceptable behavior. This should be a quick trial, sentenced to death immediately. Horrific and no reasoning behind this terrible act. Death is the answer to such violence. Where is coverage and outrage from the media? Hyprocrites all of them! Left California home of Hell

  13. News broadcasts they won’t make a big deal out of this, why? because to them it’s not surprising for a black man to do something like that .Me i would of hung him from a tree right on the same block .

  14. This needs to make National News the Main Stream Media needs to cover the tragedy,little Cannons death is lot more important than George Floyd’s death. This little boy’s death needs to be revenged,the man that murdered little Cannon needs to pay with his own life! PERIOD!


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